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Song River 19th Feb  2008


Featuring our school mates who have returned from overseas
to join us during this special occasion:-
Chak Ngeng from Seattle, Seng Theam from New Zealand,
Teik Leong from Prai and Boo Leong from Big Leg Hill

               This was one northern gathering when we recorded the biggest group ever to have come together to renew our friendship.  Just to put on record the names of those who were there:-
Hock Lye, Chee Wee, Seng Theam, Jimmy, Teng Hin, Chak Ngeng with his wife and sons, Boo Leong, Teik Leong, Ee Tian, Alan, Keng Chye, Kung Hai, Siew Kok, Sam, Walter, Seow Loon, Raymond, Chiau Min, Jeffrey, Bala, Gary and Charlene, Aik Kheng, Mark and Bibi



Isn't this a  B  I  G  G  G  group ?

sr001 sr002
"Glad to see you again!" Teik Poh to Seng Theam,
Chee Wee and Teng Hin looking on
So happy, grinning from ear to ear,
Raymond and Boo Leong
sr01 sr02
"Welcome home"  says Siew Kok,
greeting Seng Theam with Hock Lye in backgound
Chak Ngeng, Alan Yap, Siew Kok and Aik Kheng
sr03 sr04
Hock Lye, Sam, Seng Theam, Jimmy, Chak Ngeng, Boo Leong Chak Ngeng, Chiau Min, Sam, Boo Leong, Teik Leong
sr05 sr06
Seng Theam telling his love story ... Foong Chua, Alan, Chak Ngeng, Seow Loon
sr07 sr08
Ee Tian, Alan Yap, Keng Chye, Siew Kok Chiau Min and Bala
sr09 sr10
My hair is not that long Gary & wife, Keng Chye, Jeffrey
sr11 sr12
Keng Chye and Jeffrey Lim in some serious discussion Sam, Raymond, Chee Wee, Hock Lye
sr13 sr14
Shoalin monk (?), Seow Loon, Foong Chua, Alan Seow Loon, Foong Chua, Alan, Siew Kok
sr30 sr31
These 3 came from over the seas ! Yummy, yummy !
sr32 sr33
Bibi with Chak Ngeng's wife and 2 sons Teik Leong and me
Count the number of bottles  ....





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